Holistic Health Gurus Located at
3026 N Park Way, San Diego, CA.
Phone: 619-333-8733

Pricing & Promotions

Call now to book your appointment: 619-333-8733

60 Minute Swedish$90.00$55.00
90 Minute Swedish$125.00$85.00
60 Minute Deep Tissue$125.00$65.00
90 Minute Deep Tissue$150.00$100.00
60 Minute Sports$125.00$85.00
90 Minute Sports$150.00$100.00
60 Minute Thai$90.00$55.00
90 Minute Thai$150.00$100.00
60 Minute Reiki Healing$90.00$60.00
90 Minute Reiki Healing$125.00$85.00


Your commitment: Book one 1-hour session per month (prefer recurring appointment)
Our commitment: Cap your hourly rate as low as possible (based on Phase Table)
We are currently in Phase II. Once this phase is saturated, we will move into Phase III.
Phase I   :  $45.00 per 1-hour session
Phase II  :  $55.00 per 1-hour session
Phase III :  $65.00 per 1-hour session


Every time you refer friends and family to us they will get a 45% referral discount on their first visit.

Every time you have referred 3 people to us, you will receive a free 1-hour Swedish massage.


Be aware we have a 24-hour cancellation policy: Violation of this policy will result is being charged full price to cover loss of the session room and payment of your therapist.

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